Bicycle Parking Analysis


Bicycle parking data and analysis are necessary for evaluation of facility designs and parking plans, and for analysis of bicycle use more generally; they inform efforts to promote bicycle use, and provide direction for policy-makers and planners. However, there is a lack of research and data related to bicycle parking, and no standardized methodology for data collection. Measures such as duration and turnover have long been identified with vehicular parking studies, but have not been utilized in the study of bicycle parking.

This paper begins to fill this research gap by proposing a methodology to collect detailed bicycle parking data. This methodology makes use of digital photography to capture detailed parking data over a period of time, including arrival and departure times, parking durations, and turnover rates. This paper documents a trial data collection, and suggests ways in which the data can be used to answer specific research questions. In addition, the authors evaluate the feasibility of the proposed methodology, quantifying the work effort needed to perform the collection and analysis. This type of research can provide valuable information for universities and public transportation agencies, as they plan for, monitor, or improve bicycle parking facilities.

    Complete paper

This original research was conceived in September 2009 as coursework for USP-565: Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning under the guidance of Dr. Lynn Weigand. In June I presented the paper at the ITE Western District 2010 Annual Meeting, and in July the revised paper was submitted for presentation and publication to the 90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, January 23—27, 2011.


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